General English Test - 19

General English Questions and Answers

1. I can assure you that this box ________ never been opened before I opened this morning.

2. If you want to swim beyond that point you have to do it at your own ________ because no one will take responsibility for whatever happens to you.

3. All the other people at the party had gathered together in small groups, having the time of their life, and only she was left standing ________ .

4. Her mind was occupied by one ________ thought and that was to leave this family forever.

5. Since you have bought a brand new house I think you should insure it for all ________ .

6. That ceremony ________ enacted on Tuesday next.

7. In winter months there is always a ________ of catching cold.

8. After the good news of my promotion I felt like walking in the park, but not ________ and my sister was the only one I felt like walking with.

9. And at other times I'm glad I ________ know what the future holds.

10. Let's ________ there tomorrow if it's fine.

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