General English Test - 21

General English Questions and Answers

1. She is thinking of blocking up the bedroom window because ________ have got into the house through it a couple of times so far.

2. Vera: Now I hope you can see the danger of getting mixed up in politics. You and the family will probably ________ get blown up by a bomb.Henry: Don't exaggerate, Vera. I'm sure it's just a joke.

3. I haven't done this and you are making a terrible ________ in suspecting me.

4. After the speech he shook hands with some of the women. One of them lifted up a baby for him to kiss, but the ________ of Henry's beard must have frightened it because it began to scream its head off.

5. My literature teacher speaks so quickly that he often makes ________ of the tongue.

6. The company decided to get ________ of me last week and so I had to leave.

7. At lunch time he went to his sister's house to see his wife and daughters. They had spent the morning addressing envelopes for the leaflets he was sending out. His sister, Vera, thoroughly ________ of his involvement in politics.

8. Without her glasses she made a ________ and filled in the wrong form.

9. Even nowadays ________ are still ranging the oceans and no one can feel safe against them.

10. This is private property and we are not supposed to go beyond this point because they will prosecute us as ________ .

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