general english test - 26

General English Questions and Answers

1. There are several ________ that describe the state of being asleep

2. Her job in the company was to sort out the relevant information thereby ________ it so that only appropriate material was sent to her directors.

3. In the hope of finding fresh ideas he used the internet to help him by using as many search ________ as he could discover.

4. Let me just ________ what we have agreed in the agenda so far if nobody minds me going over it all again.

5. When the sleeper totally refuses to be ________ we say they are sleeping like the dead.

6. The ________ over the rights and wrongs of this issue has been a never- ending discussion inside parliament.

7. You must think big in this business and not just think short ________ but what you hope to do in ten years'time.

8. Now that you've explained the scope and ________ of the market, we are very keen to inject some money into your project.

9. Well I think I'll be off now and ________ my rest in the arms of Morpheus. Happy dreams!

10. One of the fashionable ways of saying you've been sacked is to say that your company is ________ sizing but you've still lost your job.

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English Grammar
As I said earlier, a language has four components – Reading, listening, speaking and writing. Each of these components is complementary to each other. Once you know how to listen, read and speak English, it is time to finish the process by writing properly.Writing is probably the easiest to do; however one can make mistakes in spellings. Also, a person thinks and writes at different speeds and that could unintentionally ruin the sentence. Still, writing is not all that easy. Problems arise when it comes to punctuation marks.

Write, write, write!

Just like reading and expanding your vocabulary, writing properly involves a lot of practice. Pick a topic, and start writing. Do this exercise everyday. Make a portfolio of all your pieces and review them in a month and look for mistakes that you made. Once you are done, ask a friend to edit it for you.

Learn the correct version

Once you have figured out your mistakes, make it a point to learn the correct version. Incorporate the corrected version in your next piece of writing exercise.

Avoid using a guide

While you are practicing your writing skills, do not use a guide or dictionary. Make mistakes and then learn from those mistakes. If you do not make mistakes you will never learn. Once you know the mistakes you made, start writing again and try correcting those same mistakes.

Use new words and phrases

Make it a point to use at least two new words and phrases, as well as idioms, slang and colloquialisms in your article. Make sure you ask somebody to correct these if they are wrong.


The punctuation marks you use at the end of each sentence will set the tone of that particular sentence. Whether it is an exclamation (!) or a question (?) depends on how you frame your sentence.

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