toefl preparation - grammar test - 15

TOEFL Preparation - Grammar Test
General English Grammar Questions and Answers

1. Dowry is an evil practice. It is no longer permitted by law even in ________ marriages.

2. The government has decided to open an ________ training institute in every town.

3. The way he kept knocking over things, he was more like a bull in a ________ shop.

4. The parties couldn’t arrive at an agreement because one of them ________ the decision of the arbitrator.

5. John shouted at her ________ the top of his voice, but she did not hear and went on.

6. A ________ amount of money has already been wasted on this project.

7. The head of the department was kind, even ________ towards his students.

8. The writer, like a spider ________ a web; the creatures caught in the web have no substance, no reality.

9. What we need is a ________ solution to the problem.

10. The government has agreed to pay compensation ________ damaged crops, land and cattle.

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The adverb, the fifth part of speech, modifies (qualifies or limits) verbs,

adjectives, or other adverbs. An adverb can answer any of these four

questions—Where? When? How? To what extent?

Adverbs modify verbs:

Henry swam brilliantly. (How did Henry swim?)

The train then came down the line. (When did the train come down

the line?)

The runner fell down. (Where did the runner fall?)

Adverbs modify adjectives:

The day was almost perfect. (To what extent was the day perfect?)

Some older people were quite happy with the club’s proposal. (How

happy were they?)

Adverbs modify adverbs:

Sonny, swallow your food very slowly. (How slowly should Sonny

swallow his food?)

The architect worked quite methodically. (How methodically did the

architect work?)

Though many adverbs end with -ly, these thirty-three adverbs below

do not.

again almost alone already also
always away even ever here
just later never not now
nowhere often perhaps quite rather
seldom so sometimes somewhat somewhere
soon then there today too
very yesterday yet

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