Vocabulary - Sentence Completion - 09

Vocabulary Examination - Sentence Completion
These tests improve your vocabulary, ability to follow the internal logic of sentences and elimination skill process.

1. Aidan, who has always been painfully shy, was very ________ by the news that he would have to do a presentation in front of his classmates.

2. After sitting in the contentious board meeting for two hours, Allen’s necktie began to feel like a ________ around his neck.

3. Racha’s glance was a ________ invitation to speak later in private about events of the meeting.

4. Harris tried to ________ his fear of flying when he boarded the plane, but he could not curb his anxiety.

5. For a(n) ________ fee, it is possible to upgrade from regular gasoline to premium.

6. With her ________ eyesight, Krystyna spotted a trio of deer on the hillside and she reduced the speed of her car.

7. The ________wallpaper in his living room makes it difficult to find curtains and furniture that will match it.

8. If he expected to ________ as a doctor, Lou knew he would have to study hard in medical school and work long hours to gain experience and skill.

9. Linda’s ________ for picking the right stocks made her a very wealthy woman.

10. It took four men two hours to move the ________ sofa up three flights of stairs into our apartment.

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