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7. knoll


9. cognizant

10. lackluster

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Most Amazing Fountains Around The World

Nacka Fountain Stockholm Sweden

A few weeks ago I traveled to Stockholm Sweden to visit Millesgarden the home studio and gardens of Swedish sculptor Carl Milles 1875 1955 and to see the famous God and the Rainbow sculpture fountain by Milles in Nacka Strand Sweden.Millesgarden Curator Evelina Berglund spent an afternoon with me and my husband showing us Carl and Olga Milles home and studios the stunning sculpture and botanical gardens where we saw two Marshall Fredericks sculptures Leaping Gazelle and The Thinker and the exhibition hall that was constructed in 1999 for temporary exhibitions. It was all exquisite and memorable.At age 87 Fredericks was asked by the director of Millesgarden to enlarge a 1930s sketch model by Milles into an eighty six foot high bronze sculpture to be permanently sited in the harbor at Nacka Strand. The God and the Rainbow sculpture fountain is seen annually by hundreds of thousands of visitors to Stockholm who pass it by on cruise ships and smaller aquatic vessels in the harbor. It is more beautiful and powerful than I could have imagined.

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