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1. Pick the correct Antonym :

2. Pick the correct Antonym :

3. Pick the correct Antonym :

4. Pick the correct Antonym :

5. Pick the correct Antonym :

6. Pick the correct Antonym :

7. Pick the correct Antonym :

8. Pick the correct Antonym :

9. Pick the correct Antonym :

10. Pick the correct Antonym :

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Lata Mangeshkar


In a shocking state of controversies, the gentle, shy and soft spoken Lata did was in the news once again but for different reasons. She was allegedly romantic linked to noted musician Bhupen Hazarika. In a shocking statement to Zee News, the late musicians estranged wife had stated that the two would spend nights together and her husband apparently told her that if a musicians wants to come up, he has to have his songs sung by Lata Mangeshkar. This statement is said to have enraged Hazarikas partner Kalpana Lajmi and all the Mangeshkars. As per reports in the media, it was Lata didis alleged decade long love affair with the late Raj Singh Dungapur that came to light. He was the son of royalty and he had apparently promised his parents that he would not bring home a commoner bride. It is said that the duo met in Mumbai when Raj Singh Dungapur ended up playing cricket with Lata didis brother at their Walkeshwar house. They came from different backgrounds and maybe those things were not allowed in those days, as commitment to families came first. Though the two remained unmarried, this itself was proof of their eternal love, if stories of their true love are anything to go by.

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