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Pick the correct synonyms.


2. blasphemy


4. curator





9. ramification


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What to Eat in Gujarat


Basundi is an Indian dessert mostly in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka. It is a sweetened dense milk made by boiling milk on low heat until the milk is reduced by half.Heavy cream may be added during the boiling process to hasten the thickening process. Once reduced, a little sugar, cardamom, Charoli and/or saffron are added. Industrially, only AMUL has so far launched Basundi in Tetra UHT Pack it can be poured, reheated or served chilled. Basundi should be preserved well after sugar is added. Sugar develops some acidity over a period of time. If it is excessive then it can curdle the Basundi. Some times after adding sugar one can cook it for some more time this gives a nice pink color to Basundi as sugar is also cooked in milk turning into a light caramel. Before adding sugar Basundi is thick but after adding it becomes again fluid. Stirring well prevents from Malai being formed on top and all guests (even late comers) can enjoy equally thick and plain Basundi. Basundi is served chilled, often garnished with slices of almonds and pistachios

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