ESL-EFL Test - 33

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1. If you make bets in a burning house, you are sure to win.

2. If you look out for number one, you take care of yourself and your interests, rather than those of other people.

3. If you knock an idea around, you examine it very closely and methodically.

4. If you mark something off, you put a tick, cross or other signal to show that it has been done.

5. If you mess something about, you make it dirty.

6. If you pay on the nail, you use a credit card so that you don't have to pay immediately.

7. If you need to know a phone number, look it up in the phone ________

8. If you hedge your bets, you risk everything on a single chance.

9. If you live abroad, you might have to learn a ________ language

10. If you kick around with someone, you socialize with them.

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