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1. If your past catches up with you, bad things you did start to affect you negatively.

2. If you stick it to someone, you stay close to them.

3. If you trade on something, you use it to your advantage.

4. If you stick by someone, you support them when things are hard.

5. If you were criticised unfairly by someone, you would hit it off to prove them wrong.

6. If you stick with a plan, you don't change it.

7. If you talk the hind legs off a donkey, you talk plainly and honestly.

8. If you take the job, it'll mean ________ a long way every day.

9. In a shop, you are a ________

10. If you stick around, you stay in a place.

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English Grammar
English Phrases
  • We can put both (of) before nouns and pronouns.
    Before a noun with a determiner (for example: the, my, these), both and both of are both possible.
      Both (of) my parents like riding. She s eaten both (of) the chops.
    We can also use both without a determiner.
      She's eaten both chops. (= ... both of the chops.)
    Only both of is possible before a personal pronoun (us, you, them).
      Both of them can come tomorrow.
      Mary sends her love to both of us.
  • We can put both after object pronouns.
      I ve invited them both. Mary sends us both her love.
      I've made you both something to eat.
  • Note: we do not put the before both.
      both children(NOT the both children).
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