ESL-EFL Test - 34

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1. If you strike back, you attack someone who has done something wrong you.

2. If you're as fit as a fiddle, your health in OK, but not excellent.

3. If you'd asked her, she could've gone with us.

4. If you score more than the other team in a game, you ________ them.

5. If you whisk something away, you waste it.

6. If you're behind with your work, you need to catch out.

7. If you trade down, you sell something and buy a cheaper version.

8. If you stick by a decision, you reject it.

9. Imaginable

10. If you sense that something is wrong or suspicious, you smell a ________

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Precautions while using Kitchen Equipments

Electrical equipments

1.lead to a short circuit. To clean switch off electric supply. Do not use more water than necessary. Dry thoroughly when clean. For gas equipment, turn off gas supply to appliances. Clean thoroughly and remove parts that can be cleaned separately & fit them correctly. Check if pilot light is functioning.
2. GRILLS SALAMANDERS Ensure the tray beneath the bars is always clean. Switch off electrical supply and clean the bars thoroughly, as well as the top. Do not clean when hot.
3. FRYERS ? Check the level of oil is above the heater coils. Avoid spilling any water in the oil. Do not overheat the oil. To clean, ensure fuel supply is off. When cool, drain off the oil into a container & close tap. Lift up coils and take out containers & wash thoroughly. Rinse & dry well. Ensure drain tap is closed & add clean oil.
4. BAIN MARINE ? Ensure there is water at all times when the Bain Marie is on. Do not let the water boil vigorously. To clean drain off the water, clean thoroughly with hot water & detergent rinse & dry. Close the drain tap. Refill with clean water.
5. HOT PLATES Avoid spilling water on helpless switch off parts, which are not being used. Cool hot plates before cleaning the sides with a wet cloth and detergent.

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