ESL-EFL Test - 114

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1. Hand ________ the money and no one will get hurt!

2. She handled the situation brilliantly; you have to hand it ________ her.

3. The day the country became a republic went ________ in history

4. The course is practical rather than theoretical, so the emphasis is on hands-________ learning

5. If you put someone in prison for a long time, you lock onto them.

6. I've got to go to the shops. Could you listen ________ my phone and answer it if it rings

7. If you close a building for a period of time, you lock it up.

8. If you avoid people and distractions to do some work, you lock yourself away.

9. If he gets suspicious, don't let ________ that you know where we're going tonight- it's a surprise

10. The children were let ________ school early because of the bus strike

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Simple Science

Pumps which Compress Air

Pumps and their Value to Man:
The pumps considered in the preceding Sections have their widest application in agricultural districts, where by means of them water is raised to the surface of the earth or is pumped into elevated tanks. From a commercial and industrial standpoint a most important class of pump is that known as the compression type; in these, air or any other gas is compressed rather than rarefied.

Air brakes and self-opening and self-closing doors on cars are operated by means of compression pumps. The laying of bridge and pier foundations, in fact all work which must be done under water, is possible only through the agency of compression pumps. Those who have visited mines, and have gone into the heart of the underground labyrinth, know how difficult it is for fresh air to make its way to the miners. Compression pumps have eliminated this difficulty, and to-day fresh air is constantly pumped into the mines to supply the laborers there. Agricultural methods also have been modified by the compression pump. The spraying of trees, formerly done slowly and laboriously, is now a relatively simple matter.

FIG. - Spraying trees by means of a compression pump.

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