Grammar Test - Parts of Speech - Adverbs

Test # Parts of Speech - Adverbs

She walks QUICKLY

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    Scorpio Personalities Profile

    Scorpio ( Oct 23 - Nov 21 ) Personalities Profile :

    Scorpio is a Water element, and this makes it a somewhat enigmatic sign. Water is more receptive and introverted, but Scorpio is a Plutonian-power force. Perhaps that is why Scorpio is the sign capable of the greatest metamorphosis and renewal. If we think about it, we may look at a lake and see the interplay of light and shadows. Unless we explore further, we cannot tell just how deep it is -- or what is going on within. You'll find great love, feeling, desire and sensitivity when we probe the depths of mysterious Scorpio. A fixed nature makes Scorpio favor stability. Without some positive energy, Scorpio can go to extremes. The Scorpion may use his or her the strength to exert power over others. Love can become a stronger passion than even the Scorpio can handle, and possessiveness or jealousy can surface. Independence brings balance. The Scorpio with inner security can let partners explore and remain receptive to their needs.

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