Grammar Test - Phrasal Verbs - See

Test # Phrasal Verbs - See

When I left the party, the hostess saw me ________

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    Indira Gandhi

    Indian independence

    On August 15, 1947, Great Britain released their control over India and the Indian Empire was quickly divided into two countries, today known as India and Pakistan. No longer under British control, India erupted into violence. Thousands of members of rival religious groups, the Hindus and the Moslems, were killed during riots. During this time Indira served as her fathers hostess and housekeeper. Since her father had never remarried after his wifes death in 1936, Indira took charge of her fathers large mansion and began helping him in political matters. Together they worked towards peace, arranging a meeting of Hindu and Moslem religious leaders in New Dehli, India.Throughout the period of Indira Gandhis political association with her father, she focused on social welfare work, particularly childrens welfare. The Indian National Congress had led the country to freedom and had then become its major political party. She had joined the Congress in 1938, and later served as a member of its Youth Advisory Board and chairman of its Womans Department.

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