Grammar Test - Present Simple

Test # Present Simple

I ________ up at seven o'clock on weekdays.

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    Benefits of Onions

    Used for toothaches

    This is also used for toothaches and tooth decaying. If cutting onions irritates your eyes, there are a few tricks that you can employ. Use a very sharp knife and always cut the onions while standing; that way your eyes will be as far away as possible. Consider cutting onions by an open window. If cutting onions really makes you cry, consider wearing glasses or goggles. Chill the onions for an hour or so before cutting; this practice can slow down the onions metabolism and thereby lessen the rate of LF gas production. Cutting onions under cold, running water is a method that is often used to cut back on eye irritation, but its a method we view as a second best choice since some of the nutrients found in onion can be lost into the flow of water.

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