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Test # about/of

The neighbours complained ________ how loud our music was.

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    Unstable Countries In The World


    Not faring much better than its southern counterpart, Sudan has long been beset by civil war and conflict, one of the most well known being the Darfur region in the west.

    Many adverbs end in -ly for example happily, nicely. But some words that end in -ly are adjectives, not adverbs.
    - The most important are friendly, lovely, lonely, ugly, silly, cowardly, likely, unlikely.
    - She gave me a friendly smile. Her singing was lovely

    There are no adverbs friendly or friendlily, lovely or lovelily, etc. We have to use different structures.
    - She smiled at me in a friendly way (NOT She smiled at-me friendly )
    - He gave a silly laugh. (NOT He laughed silly )

    Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and early are both adjectives and adverbs.
    - It's a daily paper. It comes out daily.
    - an early train I got up early.
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