Grammar Test - arrive/get/reach

Test # arrive/get/reach

When will she _________?

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    Akbars trustable the Navratanas

    Akbar was a great patron of art and culture. Hence, his court was home to many extraordinary talents from the field of arts and culture. Among his trustable, he had a special category of men called as the Navratanas or the nine gems. Each of these nine gems was genius in his own right. The most notable among them was Birbal, whose is well known for his wit. Another was Tansen, who was a singer. It is said that he could bring the clouds to rain with his songs. Abul Fazl was the chief advisor to Akbar. He also went on to write Akbars biography which is titled Ain i Akbari. Raja Todar Mal was another trustable of Akbar who used to be the finance minister of Akbar. Raja Man Singh served as the General in Akbars court and he used to assist Akbar in administration of the kingdom.

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