Grammar Test - by/until

Test # by/until

It must be finished ________ Friday afternoon.

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    Ambrosia artemisiaefolia
    Ragweed, Roman wormwood, hogweed.

    Key Uses:
  • Hay fever, possibly involving eyes that water, smart, burn, and itch, a congested nose or head, watery catarrh, sneezing, or nosebleeds, wheezy coughs, asthmatic irritations, or whooping cough, and diarrhea

    Origin : Found in Europe, Mexico, Brazil, and North America.

    Background : This plantís green, tassel-like flowers produce large amounts of pollen that can trigger severe hay fever.

    Preparation : A tincture is made from the fresh flower heads and young shoots.

    Remedy Profile : Ambrosia is generally given for hay fever. The whole of the respiratory system may be affected. The nose and head feel congested, and there is sneezing, watery catarrh, and possible nosebleeds. The eyes water, smart, burn, and itch. There may be a wheezy cough, asthmatic irritation, or whooping cough. These symptoms may also be associated with diarrhea, notably in the summer months.

    Symptoms Better : For being indoors.

    Symptoms Worse : For being outside.

  • Character

    Don't Say:
    The school builds good characters.

    The school builds good character.

    The plural form characters denotes the letters of the alphabet or the people in a book or play.
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