Grammar Test - look/see/watch

Test # look/see/watch

I spent the evening ________ TV.

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    Portrait Photography tips for Beginners

    Use backdrops creatively

    Studio backdrops (you know, the splotchy colored ones that look like they were tie dyed by a two year old) generally make for a pretty dull portrait, but there is a way to fix it! The reason the textured background looks boring is because it is evenly lit. Remember, light is EVERYTHING! By turning the backdrop so it is at an angle to the camera, part of it will fall into shadow while the other side will remain brighter. This contrast makes the backdrop look ten times more interesting. You can do the same thing with a white background. The side closer to the camera will be white, and the back side will look dark gray because it won t catch the light as much. This gradient can be a really creative background.

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