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  • Johnny-come-lately
  • Johnny-on-the-spot
  • join forces (with someone)
  • join hands
  • Join the club!
  • join the fray
  • jolt to a stop
  • judge (someone or something) on its own merits
  • judging by (something)
  • jump all over (someone)
  • Idioms Quiz
  • sit in for (someone)
  • slip one's mind
  • show off
  • have (something) to spare
  • look forward to (something)
  • in cahoots with (someone)
  • pitch camp
  • fiddle while Rome burns
  • shop around for (something)
  • have one's finger in too many pies

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    During the US Civil war 200,000 blacks served in the Union Army; 38,000 gave their lives; 22 won the Medal of Honor.      .. More >>
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