by virtue of (something)
because of something
My father got his new job by virtue of his volunteer work in the community.
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  • by way of (something or somewhere)
  • by way of (something)
  • by word of mouth
  • calculated risk
  • call (someone or something) into question or call into question (someone or something)
  • call (someone) names
  • call (someone) on the carpet
  • call (someone`s) bluff
  • call a meeting
  • call a meeting to order
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  • sell (something) off or sell off (something)
  • rain or shine
  • win by a nose
  • off balance
  • stand on one`s own two feet
  • fill the bill
  • get (something) over with
  • root for (someone or something)
  • wipe out (something) or wipe (something) out
  • draw the line (at something)

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