in custody of (someone or something)
being looked after by someone or something, under guard by someone
The child was placed in custody of the state while her mother got treatment for her alcohol problem.
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  • people who live in glass houses should not throw stones
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    These verbs have essentially the same meaning. You can:
  • answer an email
  • reply to an email (most common when talking about e-mail)
  • respond to an email

    When someone calls you, you answer the phone (or pick up the phone).

    When you make a statement or some comments, we usually say the other person replies or responds.

    When you ask a question, we usually say the other person answers. However, this is not 100% - reply and respond can also be used for answering a question.

    When used as a noun (with a, an, the and possessive pronouns like my, your, his, her, etc.) the words answer and reply don't change - but the noun form of "respond" is response.
  • He answered my question, but I didn't understand his answer.
  • We're waiting for a reply from the customer.
  • Her response to his comment was brilliant.

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