sink or swim
to fail or succeed by one's own efforts
My cousin will have to sink or swim when he begins his new job.
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    English Phrases
  • Hard can be an adjective or an adverb.
      It's a hard job. (adjective)
      This is very hard bread, (adjective)
      You have to work hard, (adverb)
      (NOT You have to work hardly.)
      Hit it hard, (adverb)
  • Hardly is an adverb. It means 'almost no' or 'almost not'.
      He hardly works at all. ( = He does very little work.)
      I've got hardly any money.
      He knows hardly anything about geography.
    Note that hardly, hardly any, hardly ever etc are much more common than almost not, almost no, almost never etc.
    a IV

    He works hard.

    He hardly works at all.
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