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702. Fact
51,000 people can fit onto a football field if they stand really close together.

703. Fact
If you are afraid of animals in general, you suffer from zoophobia.

704. Fact
The cape of good hope is not the most southern part of africa. It is cap agulha, which is located about 90 miles south-east of the cape of good hope.

705. Fact
On average every year, you will consume 12 pubic hairs while eating in restaurants.

706. Fact
The national anthem of the european union (eu) is an der freude from the ninth symphony by ludvig von beethoven.

707. Fact
John wilkes booth, the man who shot abraham lincoln, the 16th president of the usa, was an actor.

708. Fact
One of the elements in dynamite is peanuts.

709. Fact
The five different colored rings, on the olympic flag, symbolize the union of the five continents and that the olymic games shall be a meeting place for athletes from around the world. At least one color of each ring can be found on every world flag.

710. Fact
Sean connery, the first james bond, won the mr. Universe contest before he became an actor.

711. Fact
A cat has thirty-two muscles in each ear.

712. Fact
Did you think that the monkeys in the zoo were picking fleas off each other? Wrong; they are in fact grooming for salty skin dander.

713. Fact
When you're using the computer keyboard, your left hand does 56% of the typing.

714. Fact
The actual meaning of the word turkey is "cock from calicut".

715. Fact
The zipper would not have become the success it did if it hadn't been for world war one. Originally, it wasn't used on clothing but on money belts that the amercian solders brought to europe.

716. Fact
Many hamsters blink only one eye at a time.

717. Fact
The pacemaker was invented in the 1950's by sweden's rune elmqvist at the pacesetter company.

718. Fact
The chance of surviving a plane crash is better in seats found in the back of a plane where you have the best protection during take offs and landings. This is when the risk of an accident is at its greatest.

719. Fact
If barbie had been a real human being, her measurements would have been 97-58-97.

720. Fact
It's often warmer in cities than in the countryside. The reason being asphalt absorbs more energy from the sun than grass, trees and plants do.

721. Fact
The longest border between two states in europe is the border between sweden and norway. It's 1,000 miles long.


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