Standard English Grammar Test 115

Test # 115

I ________ go to see the doctor last week because I was very ill.

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Celebrities Who Had Unbelievable Jobs

Vince Vaughn was a lifeguard at the YMCA

American actor and comedian Vince Vaughan worked as a lifeguard at YMCA when he was younger. He confessed it to George Pennacchio of KABC Television. He said that he was also fired from that job. When asked if he got fired for drowning someone, he said no. but he did quote an incident. In which he helped an old lady who had drifted from the shallow end to the deep end. His boss in a rather robust way congratulated him calling it his first save. He ended up concluding that he had saved her until his father laughed at the whole incident.

English Grammar
  • We can use exceptor except for after all, any, every, no, anything/body/ one/where, everything/body/one/where, nothing/body/one/where, and whole— that is to say, words which suggest the idea of a total.
    In other cases we usually use except for, but not except.
      He ate everything on his plate except (for) the beans.
      He ate the whole meal except (for) the beans.
      He ate the meal except for the beans.
      (NOT . . . except the beans.)
      I've cleaned all the rooms except (for) the bathroom.
      I've cleaned the whole house except (for) the bathroom. I've cleaned the house except for the bathroom.
      (NOT . . . except the bathroom.)
      We're all here except (for) John and Mary.
      Except for John and Mary we're all here.
  • We use except, not except lor, before prepositions and conjunctions.
      It's the same everywhere except in Scotland.
      She's beautiful except when she smiles.
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