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Tips to get ready for Foreign Trip

Dress for the destination

You know we approve of things around here like wearing a scarf a la Grace Kelly or an Audrey Hepburn LBD, but not just for the reasons you think. Some degree of blending in with the locals instantly makes you less vulnerable, keeping away all kinds of unwanted attention. Additionally when you are dressed well and appropriately, you will naturally carry yourself confidently and are much less likely to be directly targeted as a tourist.What is considered appropriate attire for women varies widely from country to country. Out of respect to your host culture, research what is the acceptable manner of dress for the destination. Keep things simple and unless you are scheduled to do something where it is really necessary and staying in a hotel with a safe in the room, leave any fine jewelry at home. Regardless of what country you are visiting, traveling as light as possible softens the impact of almost every emergency from a sprained ankle to a robbery.

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