Lie and Lay - Lie

Lie and Lay - Lie
Don't say:
I'm going to lay down for an hour.
I'm going to lie down for an hour.
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Upcoming Cars in India

Ford Figo

In terms of design, the new Figo hatchback will get a honeycomb grille, the signature Ford front end, and head lights with different mirror element, though the overall design remains unchanged from the concept. Ford has already launched the hatchback in Brazil, and will bring it to India this year. As far the Ford Figos engine options are concerned, it might continue to be powered by the existing engine options, i.e. the 1.4 litre diesel and both, the 1.2 litre and 1.5 litre petrol in India.

Expected Price Rs. 4.5 lakh Rs. 7 lakh

Expected Launch Early 2016

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