esl-efl test - 136

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1. He didn't do ________ to pass the exam

2. If you need to speak to me, call me on my mobile.

3. Waiter, I think ________ wine is off.'

4. Take one of _________ books from that pile.

5. If I had the chance, I'd take it.

6. I want ________ lose some weight.

7. If you finally managed to do it, how would you feel?

8. They invited us ________ their wedding.

9. Everyone does it _________ days.

10. Which sentence describes an imaginary past event with an imaginary present result?

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Confidence in, not to

Don't Say:
I have great confidence to you.

I have great confidence in you.

In confidence: Let me Tell you something in confidence (= a secret)
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