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Synonyms Dictionary 510

Synonyms Dictionary

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5. silly, absurd, inane, pointless, fatuous, foolish; nonsensical, senseless, crackbrained, Scot. doiled, SI. cockeyed, Scot. and North Eng. glaikit; poppycockish, SI. cockamamie, amphigoric; ridiculous, laughable, risible, derisible, ludicrous, SI. for the birds; asinine, anserine, idiotic, Inf. moronic, imbecilic; childish, puerile, immature,

dagger, n. dirk, poniard, misericord, stiletto, stylet, Obs. bodkin; knife, skean, sheath knife, bowie knife, jackknife, pocketknife, switchblade; short sword, blade, rapier, Fencing, foil; saber, yataghan, falchion, creese, anelace, kukri; machete, bolo, butcher knife, cleaver, barong.

daily, adj. 1. diurnal, quotidian, circadian, day-to-day.
2. everyday, ordinary, common, commonplace; usual, regular, habitual, customary, wonted,

dainty, adj. 1. exquisite, delicate, fine; beautiful, lovely, pretty, fair, goodlooking, handsome, comely, becoming, flattering; tasteful, refined, elegant, graceful, artistic, aesthetic; neat, petite, smart, trim, minion, fine, natty, spruce, Chiefly Brit, trig; attractive, appealing, Inf. fetching, Inf. eye-catching, enticing, charming, taking, engaging, winsome.
2. delicious, delectable, tasty, appetizing, savory, luscious, ambrosial, ambrosian, flavorful, epicurian; succulent, juicy, rich; nectarous, nectarean, sweet, tender; palatable, toothsome,
Scot. gustable.
3. particular, discriminating, painstaking, meticulous, fastidious, scrupulous; fussy,
Inf. pernickety, finical, finicky, squeamish, overnice, overrefined; exacting, difficult, hard to please.
-n. 4. delicacy, sweetmeat, comfit, treat; morsel, tidbit, kickshaw, hors d'oeuvre; candy, bonbon, confection, sugarplum; ambrosia,

dale, n. valley, river valley or basin, Scot. strath; dell, vale, Brit. Dial, clough, England, combe; glen, dingle, Brit. Dial, gill; cleft, ravine, defile, gap.

dalliance, n. 1. dawdling, dillydallying, shilly-shallying, procrastination; delay, Archaic, tarriance, loitering, lingering, SI. hanging around; idling, loafing, Inf. lallygagging, SI. goofing-off.
2. trifling, toying, fiddling, playing, tinkering, pottering, puttering, dabbling.
3. flirtation, coquetry, come-hither looks,
SI. googoo eyes; lovemaking, billing and cooing, Inf. spooning, Inf. necking, Inf. smooching, SI. making out, SI. messing or fooling around; cuddling, coddling, dandling, petting, SI. canoodling.

dally, v. 1. sport, play, SI. mess or fool around; caress, cuddle, coddle, pet, SI. canoodle; nuzzle, make love, bill and coo, Inf. spoon, Inf. neck, Inf. smooch, SI. make out.

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