Synonyms Dictionary

Synonyms Dictionary


2. unity, oneness, wholeness, entirety, completeness, totality.
3. soundness, intactness, perfection, flawlessness, mint condition. integument, n. 1. skin, crust, peeling, rind, husk, shuck, pod, Dial, cod, hide, shell, hull, bark; membrane, pellicle, involucre, involucrum, tegument, Anat., Zool. cortex, Bot. perigonium, Biol, investment.
2. cover, covering, coat, coating, case, casing, wrapping, wrapper, cloak, sheath, sheathing, envelope,
Pharm. capsule; enclosure, container, bag, sack, pocket, Midland U.S. and Scot. poke, intellect, n. 1. reason, cognition, rationality, consciousness, comprehension, understanding, thought, sense, common sense; apprehension, intuition, perception, percipience, insight; brain, head, skull, headpiece, cerebrum, Inf. noggin.
2. aptitude, intelligence, intellectuality, mind, mentality; brains, brainpower, braininess, wit, parts,
Inf. gray matter, SI. smarts, Gk. Philos, nous.
3. genius, intellectual,
Inf. brain, Inf. an Einstein, mastermind, mental giant, thinker. intellection, n. 1. cognition, comprehending, reasoning, thinking; understanding, learning, apprehending, perceiving, analyzing.
2. conception, concept, thought, idea, intellectual,
adj. 1. mental, cognitive, cerebral; abstract, metaphysical, transcendental.
2. intelligent, brainy, profound, gifted, well-endowed, talented; cognoscitive, academic, educated, well-instructed, well-schooled; erudite, knowledgeable, learned, literate, lettered, versed, punditic, well-read.
3. rational, reasonable; logical, sensible, nonsensual; objective, judicious, prudent.
-n. 4. genius, intellect,
Inf. brain. Inf. an Einstein, mental giant, mastermind.
5. academician, scholar, schoolman, philosopher, philosophe, theorist, thinker, thinking man; savant, pantologist, literate, bibliophile, bibliomaniac, bluestocking, man of letters,
Archaic, clerk; pundit, cognoscente, aesthete, connoisseur; (all sometimes disparaging) pedant, bookworm, highbrow, Inf. egghead, Inf. longhair, Inf. know-it-all, Inf. walking encyclopedia.
6. rationalizer, reasoner, intellectualizer, analyzer, philosophizer. intelligence,
n. 1. aptitude, intellect, intellectuality, mind, mentality, brain, brains, braininess, brainpower, Inf. gray matter, SI. smarts, reason, sense, Gk. Philos, nous; intellectualness, wit, sagacity, sageness, wisdom, sapience, sapiency, Archaic, counsel; acumen, discernment, perspicacity, penetration; perception, percipience, insight; astuteness, shrewdness, SI. savvy, keenness, long-headedness, hard-headedness, common sense; ingenuity, cleverness, aptness, parts; adroitness, deftness, agility, quickness; alertness, brilliance, brightness, acuity, sharpness.
2. rationality, consciousness, comprehension, cognition, understanding.

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