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bachelor of medicine

1.(a British degree) a bachelor's degree in medicine

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  • bachelor of literature
  • bachelor of laws
  • bachelor of divinity
  • bachelor of arts in nursing
  • bachelor of arts in library science
  • bachelor of arts
  • bachelor girl
  • bachelor
  • bach
  • baccy
  • bachelor of music
  • bachelor of naval science
  • bachelor of science
  • bachelor of science in architecture
  • bachelor of science in engineering
  • bachelor of theology
  • bachelor party
  • bachelor's button
  • bachelor's degree
  • bachelor-at-arms
  • order entomophthorales
  • fountain pen
  • iota
  • syncretic
  • sourball
  • slave owner
  • pentamerous
  • phantasy
  • the pits
  • sold-out

  • Idiom of the Day

    with one hand tied behind one's back
    I can fix the computer problems with one hand tied behind my back.

    He is looking ________ a present to buy his girlfriend.

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