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1.a member of a people of unknown origin living in the western Pyrenees in France and Spain
2.the language of the Basque people

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  • basotho
  • basophilic
  • basophilia
  • basophile
  • basophil
  • basle
  • basking shark
  • basketweaver
  • basketry
  • basketmaker
  • basque fatherland and liberty
  • basque homeland and freedom
  • basra
  • bass
  • bass clarinet
  • bass clef
  • bass drum
  • bass fiddle
  • bass guitar
  • bass horn
  • down's syndrome
  • myofibrilla
  • antidiabetic drug
  • laugh off
  • pibgorn
  • primary amenorrhea
  • neurobiological
  • ego trip
  • rhamnus purshianus
  • legging

  • Idiom of the Day

    pull down (something) or pull (something) down
    to demolish something
    The city will pull down the old office building rather than rebuild it.

    The artist made a ________ of a party scene.

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