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1.prepared by cutting

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  • chopines
  • chopine
  • chopin
  • chophouse
  • chopfallen
  • chop-suey greens
  • chop-chop
  • chop up
  • chop suey
  • chop steak
  • chopped steak
  • chopper
  • choppiness
  • chopping block
  • chopping board
  • choppy
  • chopsteak
  • chopstick
  • chopsticks
  • choragic
  • lespedeza stipulacea
  • vishnuism
  • punch-drunk
  • genius
  • common scoter
  • moralist
  • cebidae
  • femoral artery
  • corn field
  • rollickingly

  • Idiom of the Day

    bad-mouth (someone or something)
    to say bad things about someone or something
    The supervisor has the habit of bad-mouthing her boss.

    S1: Of the scholars who compose a university, some may be expected to devote an unbroken leisure to learning, their fellows having the advantage of their knowledge from their conversation, and the world perhaps from their writings.
    S6: There classes of persons, then, go to compose a university as we know it - the scholar, the scholar who is also a teacher, and those who come to be taught, the undergraduate.

    P: Others, however, will engage themselves to teach as well as to learn.
    Q: Those who come to be taught at a university have to provide evidence that they are not merely beginners and not only do they have displayed before them the learning of their teachers, but they are offered a curriculum of study, to be followed by a test and the award of a degree.
    R: But here again, it is the special manner of the pedagogic enterprise which distinguishes a university.
    S: A place of learning without this could . scarcely be called a university.

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