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defense secretary

1.the person who holds the secretaryship of the Defense Department
2.the position of the head of the Department of Defense

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  • defense reutilization and marketing service
  • defense reaction
  • defense program
  • defense policy
  • defense mechanism
  • defense logistics agency
  • defense lawyers
  • defense lawyer
  • defense laboratory
  • defense intelligence agency
  • defense system
  • defense team
  • defense technical information center
  • defenseless
  • defenselessness
  • defensible
  • defensive
  • defensive attitude
  • defensive measure
  • defensive structure
  • predicatively
  • chin rest
  • fingerbreadth
  • time immemorial
  • adaptative
  • plum pudding
  • numida meleagris
  • homogenization
  • loganiaceae
  • meal ticket

  • Idiom of the Day

    pull (something) out of a hat
    to get something as if by magic, to invent or imagine something
    The team was able to pull victory out of a hat and win the tournament.

    The frame really helped show the picture ________

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