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united nations secretariat

1.the administrative arm of the United Nations

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  • united nations office for drug control and crime prevention
  • united nations international children's emergency fund
  • united nations educational scientific and cultural organization
  • united nations day
  • united nations crime prevention and criminal justice
  • united nations children's fund
  • united nations agency
  • united nations
  • united mine workers of america
  • united mine workers
  • united republic of tanzania
  • united self-defense force of colombia
  • united self-defense group of colombia
  • united society of believers in christ's second appearing
  • united states
  • united states air force
  • united states air force academy
  • united states army
  • united states army criminal investigation laboratory
  • united states army rangers
  • constructively
  • by the way
  • international wanted notice
  • feint
  • max ferdinand perutz
  • pedantically
  • grasp
  • sage-green
  • lacquer
  • ketosis-resistant diabetes

  • Idiom of the Day

    attend to (someone or something)
    to take care or deal with someone or something
    The doctor attended to the patient.

    ________ am an engineer.

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