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water pore

1.a pore that exudes water on the surface or margin of a leaf of higher plants

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  • speech-read
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  • angiosarcoma
  • floret
  • crushingly
  • constructive fraud
  • constitutionalism
  • calamine
  • genus noctua
  • genus bromus
  • auricula atrii
  • palliate
  • opalescent
  • meted out
  • meccano
  • rings
  • crowing
  • unsighted
  • intestinal bypass
  • kaw river
  • chewa

  • Idiom of the Day

    plug away at (something)
    to keep working at something
    My friend has been plugging away at his job for several years now.

    It's hard to keep ________ all the changes in technology nowadays.

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    Countries that didnt Exist 25 years Ago


    Kosovo declared unilateral independence from Serbia in 2008, and though almost 70 other nations including the US, Germany and the UK accept Kosovo as an independent state, UN membership remains elusive due to the veto trumping machinations of the Security Council. Accommodation prices can be relatively high, so this is definitely one for the true country collectors out there. In the Kosovar capital of Pristina, visit Bill Clinton Blvd, complete with a giant billboard of the former US president.

    English Phrases
    After for In

    Don't Say:
    I may be able to go after a week.

    I may be able to go in a week.Or: I may be able to go in a week's time.

    When speaking of a period of time in the future, use in, and not after. Here in means after the end of.
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