blind gut
1.the cavity in which the large intestine begins and into which the ileum opens

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  • trump up (something) or trump (something) up
    to make something up, to invent false charges
    The man was arrested on trumped up charges for selling illegal software.
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    1. S1: Those are fortunate people who have good, true and faithful hiends.
    S6: It must be borne in mind that prosperity breeds and multiplies friends and adversity tests them.

    P: It is a sacred attachment,or a bond of intimacy between two persons of a congenial mind.
    Q: True friendship increases - our happiness in prosperity and diminishes our misery in adversity.
    R: Friendship often . springs from similarity of taste, f~,elings and sentiments.
    S: However, true friendship should be based on truth and such vices as selfishness, greed and falsehood should be kept out of it.

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