1.of or relating to Dante Alighieri or his writings

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  • dantean
  • dante gabriel rossetti
  • dante alighieri
  • dante
  • danseuse
  • danseur noble
  • danseur
  • danse macabre
  • danse du ventre
  • dano-norwegian
  • danton
  • danton true young
  • danu
  • danube
  • danube river
  • danzig
  • daoism
  • daphne
  • daphne cneorum
  • daphne du maurier
  • ceylon
  • genus archaeornis
  • entasis
  • by and by
  • amaze
  • airstrip
  • myrmecobius
  • sectarist
  • genus diplotaxis
  • authenticity

  • strings attached
    obligations, restraining conditions
    My friend was able to borrow the money for the furniture with no strings attached. There were several strings attached to the offer.
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    Place the definite article before the names of nationalities, describing a people collectively: the British, the French, the Dutch, the Swiss, the Chinese, the Sudanese, etc.
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