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1.the fruiting bodies of the fungi of the genus Xylaria

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  • dead-man's-fingers
  • dead-man's float
  • dead-end street
  • dead-end
  • dead-air space
  • dead weight
  • dead soul
  • dead set
  • dead sea scrolls
  • dead sea
  • dead-on
  • deadbeat
  • deadbeat dad
  • deadbolt
  • deaden
  • deadened
  • deadening
  • deadeye
  • deadhead
  • deadlight
  • creditworthiness
  • surface ship
  • marine mussel
  • cockpit
  • seal
  • rauvolfia
  • sultrily
  • genus helwingia
  • south frigid zone
  • inductance

  • Idiom of the Day

    spitting image of (someone)
    the exact resemblance to someone
    My cousin is the spitting image of his father.

    I spent ________ time on the first question than the second.

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