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ethnic slur

1.a slur on someone's race or language

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  • ethnic music
  • ethnic minority
  • ethnic joke
  • ethnic group
  • ethnic cleansing
  • ethnic
  • ethmoidal vein
  • ethmoidal sinus
  • ethmoidal artery
  • ethmoid sinus
  • ethnical
  • ethnically
  • ethnicity
  • ethnocentric
  • ethnocentrism
  • ethnographer
  • ethnographic
  • ethnographical
  • ethnography
  • ethnologic
  • toxemia of pregnancy
  • flexile
  • cubic decimeter
  • capital of gabon
  • capital of nebraska
  • sorbus domestica
  • paradisiac
  • pushpin
  • tennis ball
  • white tie and tails

  • Idiom of the Day

    drag in (someone or something) or drag (someone or something) in
    to insist on bringing someone or something into a discussion
    Th employee always drags in his personal problems when we talk about his job performance.

    After the powerful windstorm, Marie discovered a splintered and fallen tree limb had ________ the vinyl lining of her swimming pool.

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