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1.having a stem or stems or having a stem as specified
2.producing a well-developed stem above ground
3.having the stem removed

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  • stemmatology
  • stemmatics
  • stemmatic
  • stemma
  • stemlike
  • stemless hymenoxys
  • stemless golden weed
  • stemless daisy
  • stemless carline thistle
  • stemless
  • stemmer
  • stemming algorithm
  • sten gun
  • stench
  • stench bomb
  • stencil
  • stendhal
  • stengel
  • stenocarpus
  • stenocarpus salignus
  • lexicography
  • throwaway
  • ansaid
  • fritillary
  • granulocytopenia
  • stratified
  • fertile period
  • cholla
  • nantua
  • feodor mikhailovich dostoyevsky

  • Idiom of the Day

    whistle in the dark
    to try to stay brave and forget one`s fear
    The man felt very frightened and began to whistle in the dark. This helped to calm him down.

    If you solve two problems with a single ac tion, you kill two ________ with one stone.

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    Benefits of Pumpkins

    andPrevents Arteriosclerosis

    This orange colored juice is a great cleanser that helps to get rid of the old build up of arterial deposits, thus reducing the risk of heart diseases and stroke. The high content of anti oxidants helps in preventing arteriosclerosis (hardening of arteries).

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