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strobe light

1.scientific instrument that provides a flashing light synchronized with the periodic movement of an object

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  • strobe
  • strizostedion vitreum glaucum
  • strix varia
  • strix occidentalis
  • strix nebulosa
  • strix aluco
  • strix
  • striving
  • striver
  • strive
  • strobile
  • strobilomyces
  • strobilomyces floccopus
  • strobilus
  • stroboscope
  • stroheim
  • stroke
  • stroke play
  • stroking
  • stroll
  • hypovolaemia
  • genus armoracia
  • rough-legged hawk
  • object of the verb
  • praying mantis
  • bastille
  • untangling
  • clamminess
  • pat
  • cape girardeau

  • Idiom of the Day

    lick one's lips
    to show eagerness or pleasure about a future event
    I began to lick my lips when I heard about the chance to go on the training course.

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