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1.the basic unit of money in Ecuador
2.the legal capital and seat of the judiciary in Bolivia

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  • sucrase
  • sucralfate
  • suckling reflex
  • suckling pig
  • suckling
  • suckled
  • suckle
  • sucking pig
  • sucking louse
  • sucking fish
  • sucrose
  • suction
  • suction curettage
  • suction pump
  • suction stop
  • suctorial
  • sudafed
  • sudan
  • sudanese
  • sudanese monetary unit
  • dais
  • abraham lincoln
  • ask out
  • giorgio de chirico
  • hornet's nest
  • unentitled
  • creaminess
  • styron
  • puseyism
  • mind reader

  • Idiom of the Day

    find oneself
    to discover what one's talents and preferences are, to find one's purpose in life
    The woman went to Europe to try and find herself.

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    Agatha Chrisitie ________ her husband in 1930.

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    Misuse of one and parts of one with the singular

    Don't Say:
    I read it in one and a half hour.

    I read it in one and a half hours.

    In English, use the plural with anything greater than one, even it it's less than two.
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