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time of origin

1.the oldness of wines

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  • time of life
  • time of departure
  • time of day
  • time of arrival
  • time note
  • time machine
  • time loan
  • time limit
  • time lag
  • time interval
  • time of year
  • time off
  • time out
  • time out of mind
  • time period
  • time plan
  • time scale
  • time series
  • time sharing
  • time sheet
  • antimycotic agent
  • augustin jean fresnel
  • omega-3
  • alpine golden chain
  • caducean
  • unrivaled
  • gopher snake
  • frost heaving
  • computationally
  • wisely

  • Idiom of the Day

    laugh out of the other side of one's mouth
    to change from being happy to being sad
    My friend was laughing out of the other side of his mouth when he received a speeding ticket for driving too fast.

    If you want to get the best out of your sales force, they must believe in the product and be ________ enough to promote it vigorously.

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