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1.undergarment worn next to the skin and under the outer garments

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  • underway
  • underwater diver
  • underwater archeology
  • underwater archaeology
  • underwater
  • undervalue
  • undervaluation
  • undertow
  • undertone
  • undertide
  • underweight
  • underwing
  • underwood
  • underworld
  • underwrite
  • underwriter
  • undescended
  • undescended testicle
  • undescended testis
  • undescriptive
  • capriole
  • university of pennsylvania
  • pastorale
  • obturator vein
  • cardinal compass point
  • isomorphous
  • common raccoon
  • west nile virus
  • polyphone
  • reverse hang

  • Idiom of the Day

    rat out on (someone)
    to desert or betray someone, to leave someone at a critical time
    The boy's friend ratted out on him and refused to support him in his fight with the neighborhood bully.

    I've ________ ice cream. Do you want to try some?

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    Fish Aquarium

    Neon Tetra

    Neon Tetras are very similar to Cardinal Tetras but have been available to hobbyists for a good while longer. Perhaps the most popular of all aquarium fish, Neon Tetras grow to a little over an inch in length.

    Living Environment : They should be kept in shoals with other small, peaceful species, and they take all flake and freeze-dried foods. As with the Cardinal Tetra, a dark tank with subdued lighting enhances the colors of these fish.

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