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1.not capable of being improved on

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  • unexceeded
  • unexampled
  • unexacting
  • uneventfully
  • uneventful
  • unevenness
  • unevenly
  • uneven
  • unethically
  • unethical
  • unexceptionable
  • unexceptional
  • unexchangeability
  • unexchangeable
  • unexcitable
  • unexcited
  • unexciting
  • unexcitingly
  • unexclusive
  • unexcused
  • esprit de corps
  • montia chamissoi
  • nitrogen mustard
  • cider mill
  • hope
  • fragrant shield fern
  • such
  • hack
  • hyperoartia
  • sneeringly

  • Idiom of the Day

    turn the heat up on (someone)
    to increase the pressure on someone to do something
    The police are turning the heat up on the members of the criminal gang.

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    Finally I look forward to ________ from you and as you will understand I don't want to 'wait'very long.Yours faithfully,I.A.M. Hopeful.

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    Misuse of one and parts of one with the singular

    Don't Say:
    I read it in one and a half hour.

    I read it in one and a half hours.

    In English, use the plural with anything greater than one, even it it's less than two.
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