ESL-EFL Test - 133

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1. It cost ________ much.

2. The coffee was ________ hot that I couldn't drink it.

3. There's hardly ________ fax paper left

4. I can't find ________ of the cassettes I want to hear, not one of them

5. ________ bus will take you to King's Cross so get on the first that comes along

6. (Doorbell rings) 'There's _________ at the door.'

7. They are _________ friendly people.

8. ________ many people think the way I do.

9. There was ________ much smoke in the room that I could hardly breathe

10. I'd like a sandwich and ________ sparkling mineral water

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Finish The Interview In Style

The last part of a good interview usually starts with the candidate asking some smart final questions. For example questions about the more overall strategy of the company, about what the interviewer considers as being crucial for being successful on the job if not covered beforehand, or if clarification is needed about the role and its specifics. Either way, you should have written down a list of both more generic and more specific questions. Three to four are sufficient If there were still more on your list towards the end of the interview, this might indicate that you were not actively enough asking questions in the interview until this point of time. It is crucial not asking your questions in a manner as being percieved as feeling obligated having to ask them. Instead they should be presented in an engaged way and you should be prepared to followupn on answers which might not be precise enough, or not having the depth you would have expected. You need to take care that all of your relevant questions will be answered during the interview. Thats your right and obligation towards yourself. If not, you might lack important information and you might join the wrong company. At the very end of the interview ask about next steps of the interview process. Personally, I also appreciate candidates who ask for a very first assessment at the end of the interview. Most important, however, and regardless of how the interview went, it is crucial to express your gratitude for the interview and to politely say goodbye.

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