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Rules to play Canoeing


The referee can give several sanctions (punishments) for illegal play. These are briefly described here.Two obvious sanctions are a free throw and free shot (explained above).Another of the sanction a referee can take is to give cards. These have various meanings.

Green Card Warning. Green cards are given for repeated minor offences, unnecessary verbal communication with the referee and unsportsmanlike behaviour.

Yellow Card Sent off for 2 minutes. Yellow cards are given to any player receiving three green cards. They are also given outright for abusive or foul language, disputing referees decisions repeatedly and dangerous play.

Red Card Player sent off for the remainder of the game. Tournament organisers have the right to exclude the player from the rest of the tournament and bring the player before the B.C.U. Polo Committee. Red cards are given to any player receiving two yellow cards, to a player disputing a yellow card or to a player who does not change their attitude after receiving a yellow card. They are also given outright for a personal attack on a player or referee or for repeated foul and abusive behaviour.

A further sanction is a goal penalty shot (penalty). This is given for deliberate fouls on a shooting player who is within the 6 metre area, or deliberate fouls on a player who is about to obtain a near certain goal (e.g. the goal is undefended and player is fouled in the act passing to a player in a position to shoot).

In a goal penalty shot, all players from both teams must retreat beyond half way (note that there is no goalkeeper). One attacking player remains, positions himself on the 6 metre line, and is thrown the ball by the referee. On the referees whistle, play restarts, and the attacker has five seconds to shoot, during which time he cannot be touched.

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