ESL-EFL Test - 132

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1. I'll only take ___ much nonsense from them.

2. It's ________ a long way out of town that noone visits him anymore

3. They made the test very easy ________ everyone would pass.

4. Everything happened ________ quickly

5. It took ________ long to get home last night.

6. Don't be ________ silly

7. Nobody thought that he would be ________ a good president

8. She works ________ quickly

9. The weather was ________ hot.

10. It's _________ expensive that we're not going.

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Skater Squat

Stand on one leg with your hands out in front of you as a counter balance. With your other leg out behind you and a slight forward lean, sit back until the knee of the rear leg comes close to the ground. Quickly push back up to the starting position.

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