ESL-EFL Test - 125

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1. People give chocolate eggs as presents ________ Easter

2. The flower blossoms ________ early April

3. I'll see you ________ ten o'clock

4. The strike started ________ the fifteenth of May

5. More people have heart attacks ________ Monday morning than at any other time

6. I'll be seeing them ________ a month's time

7. My birthday's ________ May

8. I like to go to a party ________ New Year's Eve

9. People celebrate Guy Fawkes'Night ________ the fifth of November

10. I leave home very early ________ the morning

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Rules to play Synchronized Swimming

Types of lifts

The Platform Lift oldest form. In a platform, the base lays out in a back layout position underwater. The top sets in a squatting position on her torso and stands once the lift reaches the surface. The remaining teammates use eggbeater to hold the platform and the top out of the water. The Stack Lift is a more modern version of the platform. The base sets up in a squatting position a few feet underwater, with the pushers holding her legs and feet. The top then climbs onto the shoulders of the base. As the lift rises, pushers extend their arms while the base and top extend their legs to achieve maximum height. A common addition to a stack lift is a rotation while it descends. A Throw Liftis set up exactly like a stack lift. However, when the lift reaches its full height, the flyer on top of the lift will jump off of her teammates shoulders, usually performing some sort of acrobatic movement or position. This is a very difficult lift and should only be attempted by experienced swimmers.

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