General English Test - 20

General English Questions and Answers

1. The Mafia often kidnaps children of the rich, demands money for their safe return, and then ________ them anyway.

2. A lot of American Indians were ________ after white men settled in the New World.

3. I was asking myself what in all honesty she ________ do next.

4. If they ________ arrive late, they will have to get their own meal.

5. The plague in the nineteenth century was a terrible disease that ________ millions of people.

6. He realized he ________ left it in the car before he reported it lost.

7. He asked me what I ________ with the paint brush.

8. The president of the country was ________ because nobody liked his hostile politics.

9. I'm sure they ________ get married and live happily ever afterwards.

10. She wonders why I never ________ abroad by plane.

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English Phrases
Many adverbs end in -ly for example happily, nicely. But some words that end in -ly are adjectives, not adverbs.
- The most important are friendly, lovely, lonely, ugly, silly, cowardly, likely, unlikely.
- She gave me a friendly smile. Her singing was lovely

There are no adverbs friendly or friendlily, lovely or lovelily, etc. We have to use different structures.
- She smiled at me in a friendly way (NOT She smiled at-me friendly )
- He gave a silly laugh. (NOT He laughed silly )

Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and early are both adjectives and adverbs.
- It's a daily paper. It comes out daily.
- an early train I got up early.
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