ESL-EFL Test - 119

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1. I don't remember where I wrote her number ________; it's on a little piece of paper somewhere

2. A lot of viewers wrote ________ to complain about the programme

3. She gets very stressed up and goes running in order to work ________ all her negative energy

4. The thieves attacked him and worked him ________ violently

5. If someone vomits, he or she throws out.

6. I didn't go to work yesterday morning because I had to wait ________ for the plumber.

7. It took her three years to work ________ her debts after university, but now she doesn't owe anyone anything at all

8. She didn't try the shoes ________ before she bought them and took the wrong size

9. A butler waits ________ people.

10. You should try ________ ideas like that before you tell everybody about them as it might not work

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